The LIFE Center benefits from the contributions of other university faculty, research scientists, and postdoctoral fellows from around the U.S. and internationally.

SRI International

  • Ruchi Tirumala Bhanot, Research Social Scientist
  • Britte Haugan Cheng, Education Researcher
  • Valerie Crawford, Senior Research Scientist
  • Christopher Harris, Education Researcher
  • Hannah Lesk, Research Analyst
  • Carlin Llorente, Research Social Scientist
  • Patrik Lundh, Research Social Scientist
  • Julie Remold, Research Social Scientist
  • Denise Sauerteig, Research Social Scientist
  • Serena Villalba, Research Analyst

Stanford University

  • Jeremy Bailenson, Associate Professor of Communication
  • Kristen Blair, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Lab
  • Paulo Blikstein, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Geoffrey Cohen, James T. March Professor in Organizational Studies in Education and Business
  • Shelley Goldman, Professor Teaching of Education
  • Anthony Wagner, Associate Professor of Psychology

University of Washington

  • Leah Bricker, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan College of Education
  • Rechele Brooks, Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
  • Sapna Cheryan, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Dario Cvencek, Research Scientist, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences
  • Anthony Greenwald, Professor of Psychology
  • Leslie Rupert Herrenkohl, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
  • Toshiaki Imada, Research Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Gail Joseph, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
  • Deborah McCutchen, Professor of Educational Psychology
  • Siri Mehus, Research Scientist, College of Education
  • Andrew Shouse, Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, College of Education
  • Carrie Tzou, Assistant Professor, Education, UW Bothell