LIFE Center leads SLC delegation to international convention in Shanghai Patricia Kuhl interviewed on NPR's Science Friday! LIFE Lead Dan Schwartz and LIFE graduate Dylan Arena publish book on new types of assessments for the digital age of learning and teaching LIFE Center leads Science of Learning Centers delegation to OECD in Paris Phil Bell co-chaired NRC report Calming Technology Lab featured in the New York Times Science magazine article a new science of learning
In March 2014, the LIFE Center led a delegation of learning scientists to an international convention in Shanghai, China. LIFE Center scientists Patricia Kuhl and Andrew Meltzoff shared their recent research findings with researchers from China, Europe, and South America, and with policy makers from 21 nations. Read more.
Phil Bell, LIFE Co-Director and Co-PI, co-chaired a National Research Council report on informal science learning released on January 14, 2009. Read more.
An article in Science magazine (July 17, 2009), entitled "Foundations for a New Science of Learning," was co-written by Andrew Meltzoff and Patrica Kuhl, LIFE Center Leads, with Javier Movellan and Terrence Sejnowski of the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center. Read more.
In January 2012, the LIFE Center led a delegation of scientists from NSF's Science of Learning Centers to the OECD in Paris, France. LIFE Center scientists Patricia Kuhl, Andrew Meltzoff, and Roy Pea shared recent research findings in an interactive forum with policymakers from around the world. Read more.
Roy Pea, LIFE Co-Director and Co-PI, gave an invited keynote address at e-Learning Week in Seoul, South Korea, on September 17, 2010. Read more.
"d.compress: Designing Calm" graduate course featured in the New York Times, reporting on "an emerging field that seeks to alleviate stress by embedding mindfulness into the devices that pervade contemporary life" Read more.
LIFE Lead Dan Schwartz and LIFE graduate Dylan Arena publish book on new types of assessments for the digital age of learning and teaching Read more.
Patricia Kuhl, LIFE Center PI and Director, interviewed on Science Friday! Read more.

LIFE Center

LIFE is a multi-institution NSF Science of Learning Center hosted at the University of Washington in partnership with Stanford University and SRI International. The LIFE Center seeks to develop and test principles about the social foundations of human learning in informal and formal environments with the goal of enhancing human learning from infancy to adulthood. Learn more.


Dan Schwartz, LIFE Co-Lead, participated in an AERA key session on April 4, 2014, entitled "The Science of Learning and the Education Sciences: Strange Bedfellows or All in the Family?" on the accomplishments and implications of science of learning program initiatives.

LIFE Center receives recommendation from NSF for continued funding based on its December 2013 site visit review. The LIFE Center moves into its 10th and final year of funding from NSF's Science of Learning Centers program.

LIFE graduate Neema Moraveji and Roy Pea featured in NY Times article on calming technologies. Read more

LIFE Center and The Boeing Company Win Prestigious Xchange Award. Read more

Media multitasking research lead by Roy Pea, LIFE Co-PI/Co-Director, covered widely by NY Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and San Jose Mercury News. Read more

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The National Science Foundation Science of Learning Centers Program (SLC) supports research that harnesses and integrates knowledge across multiple disciplines to create a common groundwork of conceptualization, experimentation and explanation that anchor new lines of thinking and inquiry towards a deeper understanding of the science of learning. Learn more.